The four members of Background Orcs combine musical styles and feels from around the globe to deliver a high-energy atmosphere for listeners as well as keep them on their toes with a unique sound that defies normal categorization. While some have attempted to package the Orcs' sound with brands such as "Deep Pocket Immersive Groove" or "Heady Psychedelic Jazz Fusion", one must experience the group first hand to grasp their diverse musical directions. Regardless of genre, constant craftsmanship by all four members has been a hallmark of Background Orcs from the very beginning and has led the group to having a formidable presence in the Northeast music scene, sharing stages with artists such as Bernie Worrell, Dopapod, Consider The Source, The New Mastersounds, Rebirth Brass Band, The Nth Power, and many more. In 2014 the Orcs dropped their first full length album Villains. The creative juices are ever flowing, and with enough material already written to record another full album, the Orcs have set their sights on world domination. Be afraid, the Orcs are coming to a town near you.

How the Orcs came to be:

The Orcs came to being during our years together in college. It started with three. Noah, Scott, and Riley were classmates in the music department at UMass Dartmouth. One night, circumstances brought the three together in the aftermath of some college debauchery when normally they all would have been in three separate places. One thing led to another and Riley had the other two convinced the very best thing to do at 3 am would be to sneak past the Security, get into the music department, and Jam their hearts out. In the pitch black of a dead building, (usually bustling with hundreds of students during the day,) the three classmates carried gear up stairs, down hallways, and into the "Jam Room". Our hearts were racing, heads turning at every sound or sign of light, but eventually we were ready to play. Before the music started, Noah said "guys after all this I just want to say that whatever we play, there are no wrong notes". We sat and began. Time did not matter, and we melted into our instruments. The three of us may have never played together again if we had not that night and it shows that taking risks in life can lead to incredible things. For some reason the only other topic besides music that was mentioned was all three of our coincidental love for Tolkien's world. That night the Background Orcs were born, and a life-long friendship was forged. Every Friday we got together at the end of the school week for a musical release. . All of the orcs can play the music we love without restrictions and improvise without fear of judgment from each other. We really feel that something special is starting and want to share it with the world.

Who are the Background Orcs?


Riley Stockwell is the guitarist for the Background Orcs. He has been performing extensively in the New England area for the last few years. Drawing influences from many aspects of Funk/Fusion, Jazz, Blues, and World Music, he has begun to develop a unique voice of his own. He has studied with world class musicians such as Chris McDermott, Phil Scarff, Jim Robitaille, Mike Rivard, Royal Hartigan, and Attah Poku. Studying with such a wide array of artists has led him to play every single note with emotion, integrity, and intention. A sonic explorer, Stockwell is constantly bringing in new sounds and gear to the Backgroud Orcs. He is now supported by and a sponsor of pedal companies like Pigtronix, Xotic, Sonic Research, George L's cables, and Earthquaker Devices. With his swirling lush chord voicings, tight staccato picking with complex rhythms, and a mischievous crunchy tension in his sound, you can always expect new and exciting things from this up and coming musician.

Scott Lyman is the keyboard player for the Background Orcs. Scott's melting pot of musical influences has shaped his playing into a unique twist on keyboard.  The foundation for much of his musical technique entails dense rhythmic flourishes between his hands.  Between flowing textures and psychedelic atmospheres, to rapidly intense rhythmic explosions, Scott likes to keep his styles of improvisation shifting like a kaleidoscope, all while infusing it with the rhythms of Ghana, West Africa.   

Noah Lapierre is the drum-set player for the Background Orcs. He found himself exposed to an array of music from studying with great musicians such as Jamie Eckert, Chris Poudrier, Royal Hartigan, and Andy McWain.  By studying musical styles such as the Blues, Jazz, Funk/Fusion, R&B, and Drum & Bass, Noah has come to see that drums and percussion are an equal melodic member of any ensemble.  The key focus of his drumming style is to create unique grooves and textures that compliment the compositions.  Noah's sense of time and dynamics allow him to blend into the moment with distinguished musicality.  


Tyler Kingsland is a multi-instrumentalist proudly residing in glorious, historic Downtown New Bedford, Massachusetts.  Performing professionally since his first gig on sax with a swing band on New Year’s Eve Y2K, Tyler calls upon the wealth of on-the-gig experience to navigate the intricacies of Orc-dom.  As a mostly self-taught bassist, he has compiled a style based around bits and pieces; sponging up puddles of liquid musical steez from his primary influences: Tony Levin, Jaco Pastorius, Leslie Claypool, Cliff Burton, Victor Wooten, Steve Bailey, James Jameson, Willie Weeks, Nathan East, and Leland Sklar.  Lots of listening and practice have allowed him to stumble upon a unique yet fundamental style, with a penchant for letting it tear when the mood strikes.

All of the members of Background are professional musicians and music educators who are available for private lessons. For more information, please contact us at


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